Dental Work

dentalworkWhen you come to us for your dental care, take comfort in knowing that we have experience with all forms of dental work. We offer a variety of cosmetic dental work and routine dental procedures, including:


Painless Dental Work

Many patients dread going to the dentist or have a fear of certain dental procedures. As an alternative to traditional dental methods, we offer painless dentistry, which means that you’ll sleep with IV sedation while we perform your procedure. Sedation dentistry is recommended for major dental procedures, patients that experience severe anxiety from dental work, or younger patients who cannot sit still through major dental procedures.


Removal of Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to come into an adult mouth. As a result, these teeth don’t always emerge in a way that fits in with your existing teeth. Did you know that your mouth is actually designed to comfortably hold 28 teeth, not a full set of 32? These four extra teeth – known as your third molars or wisdom teeth – rarely grow in properly with no issues at all. Think of it as trying to squeeze four more people into an already crowded elevator. When wisdom teeth fail to emerge properly, they may become impacted. This refers to teeth that remain either trapped or partially emerged. Infection can set in and cause pain and discomfort.




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