Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 1.47.32 PMDental implants can be life changing for patients who believe they are only left with a choice of partial plates or dentures. Implants allow you to enjoy the benefits of natural teeth.

There are many reasons to opt for dental implants:


Improved Appearance

Studies show that a healthy smile boost self-esteem. Thanks to the natural appearance of implants, there is no reason not to smile.

Improved Speech

Poor-fitting dentures and even partial plates can cause speech issues such as slurred words or mumbling. Implants do not interfere with your speech at all. In fact, they may even improve your clarity.

Improved Oral Health

Since adjacent teeth don’t have to be altered to make implants fits, you have more of your own natural teeth. This improves your overall oral health. Additionally, implants leave space between teeth so that you can clean your teeth and gums better.


Unlike dentures or partials, implants teeth stay in place. You don’t have to worry about slippage or other embarrassing situations that sometimes happen with dentures. You can also forget about buying special pastes and other denture care items. With implants, you brush your teeth like you normally would with toothpaste.

We take the time to go over your options with you to determine what type of implants work best for your situation. All implants are custom designed to your specifications. Even if you don’t have enough jaw bone for implants, there are special procedures that can correct this issue. Start with an initial exam today!



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